Memorial Day- Thank You Very Much Veterans of Armed Forces

Hi JAWT family,


A special thank you to the men and women of the United States of America armed forces. You are so appreciated! To the men who went to Vietnam, thank you and welcome home.

Jael A Western Tale is proud of the USA military and welcomes veterans on our production team.

Semper Fi!

May update for Jael A Western Tale – Introducing BEARLY Film

Hi ya JAWT fam,

Thanks for visiting the Jael A Western Tale website – things are moving forward, slowly but surely in the production process of the film including designing a moving platform to make the train look like it’s moving when actually it’s not, it’s the platform. That lets the integrity of the antique train stay intact and the cost of production stay in budget!

And in other news, Makeup University featured eye glasses for a review so that the beautiful Miss Baylee Ginther can have a spare pair just in case mayhem breaks out on set.


Now the fun part of steampunking these glasses into girly goggles begins!

Thank you for your continued support of Jael A Western Tale! The Facebook page receives daily posts – so please like our page and visit us there!

Finally, Lions Rest who is producing Jael A Western Tale has a new short in production that will be in theaters this summer! Full details and daily updates on the Facebook page here:

This psychological thriller features a JAWT family actress, the gorgeous Miss Gia Gerardo who plays Myles in Jael A Western Tale is playing Luz Ackerman in BEARLY.

That’s the news for now. I hope this finds everyone getting ready for the best summer ever!


How to NAB Show the Jael A Western Tale Way

Hey all,

I’m packed up and ready to go to Las Vegas for the NAB Show – specifically interested in Post Production World, M.E.T 360 Studio and some key meetings for projects in development with Lions Rest.


Shoes are my favorite pass time and packing is always unique for me – I like to have a shoe for any occasion, and in multiple colors!


I have also been encouraged to drink less pop, eat less fried cheese and in general, be more mindful of healthy choices. So this trip, the Nathan’s hot dog stand and Sbarro pizza will not get my lunch!  I have packed my own perfectly portioned clean eating meals, ready to nom nom on a moments notice! The goal is no junk food this trip!


I will be doing a Facebook Live session on Wednesday April 26th about 2:30 pm MST with the details of the trip.

Cross your eyes and kiss your elbows for a great trip!

Welcome Baylee Ginther to the JAWT family

Holla JAWT family!

Yesterday on the Facebook page for Jael A Western Tale, it was announced that finally, the actress for Clementine has been found!

It is with great joy that Baylee Ginther is joining the team!


This makes the trip to NAB in Las Vegas that much sweeter!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details!

APRIL: NAB – casting – updates

Hi JAWT Family!

Around here, March happened fast and April is happening faster! Just did a casting for one of the key roles in Jael A Western Tale – that announcement is coming up so please stay tuned to our Facebook page for the release!

Next bit o’ news is that JAWT is going to NAB! This show is almost as amazing as CES and SEMA – if you are going to be there, honk at the Facebook page! There are a few prizes for giving out in person to a super fan for JAWT!



Stay awesome and please share your fave steampunk western pics on our Facebook page!


March Madness: the indie film process continues for Jael A Western Tale

Hey JAWT family!

Cast members from left to right: Jessica Kinni, Raymond Scott, Gia Gerardo, Stephanie Dostal, and Stacie Stocker at Trail Dust Town in Tucson Arizona

In February, some of the cast and crew got together in Tucson Arizona, at the Trail Dust Town experience to gather some scenes in production for a sizzle reel and teaser trailer.

Writer/Director Cherelynn Baker and Jael actress Stephanie Dostal getting ready for production

Many of the shots were inside the Raven Hearse Family Haunt and at Pinnacle Peak restaurant as well as on Dragoon Street in the live action western show by the Pistoleros.

Camera crew and cast from left to right: on camera Ryan Riffle, Myles actress Gia Gerardo and Sheriff Jeremiah played by Raymond Scott

We had an adventure filled day complete with an action scene, bringing on new talent in James Gorday and Paul Loh as well as an amazing meal catered by Dakota Cafe Catering.

JAWT_Jael-A-Western-Tale-James Gorday, Raymond Scott and Paul Loh-Tucson Arizona
Cast from left to right: James Gorday, Raymond Scott and Paul Loh

The editing process is under way and will be ready for an April debut!

Writer/Director Cherelynn Baker doing double duty as hair and makeup for cast member Stacie Stocker who plays Naomi. Stephanie Dostal as Jael and Jessica Kinni as Leah in the background

Stay tuned to our Facebook page which is updated daily with photos, video interviews with the talent and the production schedule.

On set shenanigans with Jessica Kinni-Cherelynn Baker-Stephanie Dostal-Stacie Stocker

To visit Trail Dust Town:

Eat at Dakota Cafe:



Jael is getting ready for a sizzle reel?

Hi all and happy February!

This month brings the beginning of a slippery and fast slope into all things Jael and her production schedule.


A sizzle reel is in the works for marketing promotions coming up for Jael.


The Facebook page is updated daily – to  walk the walk with us step by step, please join us here:

You can also see more details at the IMDb page for Jael A Western Tale here

February for Jael A Western Tale

Hello JAWT family,


As February celebrates love this month the Facebook page will be focused on celebrating the character Leah. She is Jael’s older sister, and she is usually in the “looking for love mode” most days.

jessicakinni-leah Leah is played by the beautiful and talented actress Jessica Kinni.   Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for daily updates!

In other news, February is also the Super Bowl and our JAWT family actor Trevor Robbins was in a Super Bowl commercial back in 2013.  Enjoy!


2017: Hello AT&T Developer Summit Film Festival & more

Hello JAWT family,

The new year began with a bang as I traveled to the AT&T Developer Summit for a wee film festival as the new AT&T entertainment division flexes it’s fledgling muscles.



From what I saw, they did great. The submissions were of great production quality and story. Most importantly, in the wee 10 minute time span of the short films that were entered, emotion was felt and the story was driven. Some of those stories I would like to have seen more!

Here’s me with the professional film maker category directors, from left to right:


Me,director Caleb Herman of Dispatch who won the AT&T Developer Summit Film Festival with his entry based on a true story, director Iqbal Ahmed of Bug Man and director Lexi Hiland of Para Mi Mama

If you are looking to hire talent ready to work, take a look at these directors!

JAWT update:

The mobile app is in development and I’m looking for some help with it because my coding skills are not getting the look and feel, that I want.

The graphic novel is ready to move forward and I am looking for artist and color artist to bring on for development.

It’s busy around here!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page because it is updated daily.