Update: 18 days to go til Old Tucson Studios

Hi everyone,

Quick note to let you know our lead roles are cast and now I’m hiring on the background talent.

It’s 2-3 days, paid with meal and credit.



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ACTORS! TALENT! Please print and fill out an audition sheet to bring with you to the Saturday May 21 open call! It can be a time saver for you! (…and me!)
See you 10 a.m. at 901 N Hayden Rd Scottsdale 85257



I was trying to add these on the Facebook page and the formatting is so off and it’s not a separate tab, it’s just a note. So to help you be ready , there is an audition form and sides for most of the roles on this page.


A young lady in a desert town  lives by the land and work of her own hands. She cares for her aging mother and sibling since her father died long ago in an accident of il repute. In the small community that she lives in, Jael works hard, keeps her chin up and her life clean while trying to get ahead and provide for her family while also furthering her dreams of leaving to the city. The local sheriff has been rode hard and put away wet though his heart is good and keeps a watchful eye out for Jael and her family, while hiding a secret of his own. Times are hard and when a stranger, new in town, asks Jael for help, she does so, reluctantly, while wanting to go the second mile for someone and uphold her family legacy of charity, commitment, and kindness. Her big heart and good nature take a turn for the worse when the stranger has a deviant plan behind the simple request for help. Her mother is tired and broken while holding on to the dream that Jael will make it out of the one horse town. Jael’s older sister is promiscuous and trying to land a husband from any willing man in town to no avail. She doesn’t believe in Jael and her pure ways of upholding the law, the family name and working.  Will this be the end of Jael and her family? Will she be able to repay the debts of her father while also surviving this new tragedy? The town is divided. The family is breaking apart. The story of Jael is one of personal commitment, courage and the timeless principle of faith.


Sides for Jael, Leah, Naomi

A small wooden table in the center of the kitchen area. Clean, and worn that is set for three places. Modest plates with a touch of crack and wear on them are set with knife and fork.

Small glasses, chipped and used are set next to them and a pitcher of water half way filled rests in the center of the table.

Enter Leah, the older sister of Jael.


LEAH (sarcastically)
Something smells

Thank you. It’s the mesquite bean flower biscuits I made.
No. It’s horse.  (sideways mean glance to Jael)

No, It’s mesquite bean flower with a touch of honey.


No. It’s dirt, sweat, tack, horse,  tack and dirt.

(from off screen)
Does anyone want butter? I made some special last night.

No. It’s opportunity.

(calling out)

Did you wash up?
Off screen


Let’s eat. There is something I want to talk about.
Jael comes from outside to the table and joins her sister and mother. They hold hands and do a moment of silence to bless the food.
Oh what ever could it be, pray tell Mother?  (sarcastically)

Well, I think I may have found a buyer for the back forty of land and with that sale we can pay off your father’s debt and have a little set aside to move.

Pass the water please

Yes. Move


It’ll just follow us where ever we go.


No, it will be a fresh start.


The biscuits are delicious Momma.

How can moving solve anything? Change anything?


I made the butter from the cactus flower. That’s why it’s pink.

Yes honey. You did good. Now about moving


The only person who benefits from moving is you and you want to leave because you are embarrassed and ashamed and have nothing left here, or should I say, no one left here?


Moving could be good. Better soil. Stronger cattle stock. Maybe even office work?


The only way out of this is to leave now, leave it behind, and start again. Maybe even change our names? Sell all of the stock, leave the farm, leave everything. Forget this town. Even if it means a mighty long walk for a short drink of water.

Jael is looking sadly at her plate because leaving means  dreams come true while abandoning her roots.


Sides for Sheriff Jeremiah


Miss Naomi, Jael, this is Mrs Conrad, she is from back East. She and her family are traveling further west and were stopped here for repairs and supplies on their coach.


I know your face.


Jael, calm down

Sides for Myles & Millie

The General Store is a source of pride and hard work for them. A place where strangers can get a helping hand, those in need can get a small advance on goods and sometimes find work.


Did you get the canned goods inventory count? Don’t be sneaking beans!


How can I sneak anything with you always on my back, in my hair?


Kaw, last time I was in your hair it had rats and knots in it!



That’s because you chased me through the barn with a clown doll!

Both ladies laugh out loud as they count the inventory and care for their store.

Sides for Henry

The band changes songs and the new one is slow. Henry’s large hands envelope Jael’s small waist and they begin a clumsy two step.


I saw you riding yesterday. Does your horse need shoes? I can help with that?


Thank you for the offer. No Amos doesn’t.


OH. OK. Umm, do you need help with the fence? I thought I saw a brace down, might need mending.


No. No thank you.

Sides for Mrs Conrad

d, you have the floor


My husband and I were traveling through this town, and while on our way to the train station, we needed to stop for supplies for the journey, and just outside of town, that’s where this (motioning towards Jael) thing attacked us. We’ve missed the train to our future and now have to wait until the next west bound train arrives. The ticket change fee and inconvenience on our family waiting for us is tremendous.

Crowd gasps. Murmurs.

Open Casting Call May 21

Hi everybody,

Quick update to let you know of our upcoming open casting call!

Open Call for Jael: A Western Tale
Steampunk inspired Western film in Tucson Arizona
May 21, 2016 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Appointments are welcome – please DM on the Facebook page
The Office Pile
901 N. Hayden Rd
Scottsdale AZ 85257
Parking is on the north side of the building or adjacent shopping center
SAG and non SAG actors welcome
Horseback riding and marksmanship a plus.
Roles available:
Jael: 20 something+ years old,
Naomi: 55+ years old, Jael’s mother
Leah: 30 something years old, Jael’s sister
Sheriff Jeremiah: 50+ years or older
Mrs Conrad: 45+ years old, the villain
Stranger Man: 40’s, accomplice to Mrs Conrad
Thugs (4 total) the guys who do the dirty work, stunt experience/fight experience a plus
Henry: 25 something years old, interested in Jael, blacksmith in the town, beard a plus
Tobias: 25 something years old, sheriff in training, has crush on Jael
Bart: 30 something male, love interest of Leah
Clementine, Downs Syndrome, teenage girl
Myles, Native American, middle-age to senior
Millie; Native American, Clementine’s Mom, middle aged

My Lyle

Please bring your head shot and resume with you. Appointments are available. Sides will be posted on the events tab on the Facebook page.

Thank you and see you this Saturday!

Which house for Jael: Bunkhouse or Kansas Victorian?


Things are hoppin’ in the Jael camp and it’s time to pick a personal home for Jael!

Should she have the modest bunkhouse or the Kansas City styled Victorian?





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