Jael is getting ready for a sizzle reel?

Hi all and happy February!

This month brings the beginning of a slippery and fast slope into all things Jael and her production schedule.


A sizzle reel is in the works for marketing promotions coming up for Jael.


The Facebook page is updated daily – to  walk the walk with us step by step, please join us here: http://facebook.com/jaelawesterntale

You can also see more details at the IMDb page for Jael A Western Tale here


February for Jael A Western Tale

Hello JAWT family,


As February celebrates love this month the Facebook page will be focused on celebrating the character Leah. She is Jael’s older sister, and she is usually in the “looking for love mode” most days.

jessicakinni-leah Leah is played by the beautiful and talented actress Jessica Kinni.   Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for daily updates!


In other news, February is also the Super Bowl and our JAWT family actor Trevor Robbins was in a Super Bowl commercial back in 2013.  Enjoy!