Jael is getting ready for a sizzle reel?

Hi all and happy February!

This month brings the beginning of a slippery and fast slope into all things Jael and her production schedule.


A sizzle reel is in the works for marketing promotions coming up for Jael.


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American Film Market – Jael A Western Tale is comin’ fer ya!

Jael: A Western Tale

It’s a steampunk inspired western action  film about a young woman with big dreams living in a small desert town. She is surviving the expectations and limitations  of it while having to pay for something she didn’t do till she finds the courage to set things right.
Jael is played by Stephanie Dostal, with her sister Leah played by Jessica Kinni and their mother Naomi played by Stacie Stocker.

stephaniedostal-jael  jessicakinni-leah stacie stocker dram az

Stephanie Dostal                  Jessica Kinni                          Stacie Stocker

It’s been busy around here where all things Jael: A Western Tale are concerned!

We are traveling from our desert home in Arizona to the sandy beaches of Santa Monica for the AFM, or American Film Market.

Nebbie Lyle’s Pub in Tucson Arizona

The script, cast and crew are in place with locations scouted and looking just the part for a steampunk inspired western.

Jael’s humble home and beginnings in Tucson

Now, we are looking for the right production partner and distribution deal to see Jael go around the world!
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See you at AFM!


Meet the Artist: Kim A. Huenecke


Thanks for visiting   on the Jael A Western Tale film production page. Today in the series, Meet the Artist, I would like to introduce you to

Kim A. Huenecke who plays Mrs Conrad. Enjoy!

Kim Huenecke's Commercial Headshot Small 1

1) What got you started in acting? When I turned 35 I said “screw this, I want to study acting.” I was a member of a professional women’s organization at the time and one of the members was an actor. I talked to her about how to get started in acting. She gave me Ramona Richards name and that was it.
2) Where do you find the inspiration/motivation for a character? In the words of the script. I also like to do a life history of the character.
3) Are there any films (past or present) that you would like to be a part of?
Gone With the Wind, Double Indemnity, and  Despicable Me.
4) Who is your ultimate dream character to play?
Phyllis Dietrichson from Double Indemnity
5) Where do you see yourself in your acting career five years from now?
I see myself winning some awards for my acting. I think working on a TV series would be interesting.

Where do I get my steampunk western inspiration?

I get so much of my steampunk western inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy. Or maybe a bit of H.R. Giger.

Oh the talent of the craftsmen!


I love this train and it sparks my ideas for how to dress the train at Old Tucson studios!

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Steampunk Western wear not so good for summer

Just a quick note to keep you updated on all things Jael A Western Tale.


We are on a pause for production in June and will resume shortly.

This is a blessing in disguise because the entire state of Arizona is in a severe heat wave!

Steampunk western wear is not so good for summer!

Stay tuned for more details.

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Update: 18 days to go til Old Tucson Studios

Hi everyone,

Quick note to let you know our lead roles are cast and now I’m hiring on the background talent.

It’s 2-3 days, paid with meal and credit.



Thank you for supporting Jael: A Western Tale!

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ACTORS! TALENT! Please print and fill out an audition sheet to bring with you to the Saturday May 21 open call! It can be a time saver for you! (…and me!)
See you 10 a.m. at 901 N Hayden Rd Scottsdale 85257