2017: Hello AT&T Developer Summit Film Festival & more

Hello JAWT family,

The new year began with a bang as I traveled to the AT&T Developer Summit for a wee film festival as the new AT&T entertainment division flexes it’s fledgling muscles.



From what I saw, they did great. The submissions were of great production quality and story. Most importantly, in the wee 10 minute time span of the short films that were entered, emotion was felt and the story was driven. Some of those stories I would like to have seen more!

Here’s me with the professional film maker category directors, from left to right:


Me,director Caleb Herman of Dispatch who won the AT&T Developer Summit Film Festival with his entry based on a true story, director Iqbal Ahmed of Bug Man and director Lexi Hiland of Para Mi Mama

If you are looking to hire talent ready to work, take a look at these directors!

JAWT update:

The mobile app is in development and I’m looking for some help with it because my coding skills are not getting the look and feel, that I want.

The graphic novel is ready to move forward and I am looking for artist and color artist to bring on for development.

It’s busy around here!

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