May update for Jael A Western Tale – Introducing BEARLY Film

Hi ya JAWT fam,

Thanks for visiting the Jael A Western Tale website – things are moving forward, slowly but surely in the production process of the film including designing a moving platform to make the train look like it’s moving when actually it’s not, it’s the platform. That lets the integrity of the antique train stay intact and the cost of production stay in budget!

And in other news, Makeup University featured eye glasses for a review so that the beautiful Miss Baylee Ginther can have a spare pair just in case mayhem breaks out on set.


Now the fun part of steampunking these glasses into girly goggles begins!

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Finally, Lions Rest who is producing Jael A Western Tale has a new short in production that will be in theaters this summer! Full details and daily updates on the Facebook page here:

This psychological thriller features a JAWT family actress, the gorgeous Miss Gia Gerardo who plays Myles in Jael A Western Tale is playing Luz Ackerman in BEARLY.

That’s the news for now. I hope this finds everyone getting ready for the best summer ever!