Welcome Baylee Ginther to the JAWT family

Holla JAWT family!

Yesterday on the Facebook page for Jael A Western Tale, it was announced that finally, the actress for Clementine has been found!

It is with great joy that Baylee Ginther is joining the team!


This makes the trip to NAB in Las Vegas that much sweeter!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details!


APRIL: NAB – casting – updates

Hi JAWT Family!

Around here, March happened fast and April is happening faster! Just did a casting for one of the key roles in Jael A Western Tale – that announcement is coming up so please stay tuned to our Facebook page for the release!


Next bit o’ news is that JAWT is going to NAB! This show is almost as amazing as CES and SEMA – if you are going to be there, honk at the Facebook page! There are a few prizes for giving out in person to a super fan for JAWT!



Stay awesome and please share your fave steampunk western pics on our Facebook page!