Welcome Baylee Ginther to the JAWT family

Holla JAWT family!

Yesterday on the Facebook page for Jael A Western Tale, it was announced that finally, the actress for Clementine has been found!

It is with great joy that Baylee Ginther is joining the team!


This makes the trip to NAB in Las Vegas that much sweeter!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details!


Jael is getting ready for a sizzle reel?

Hi all and happy February!

This month brings the beginning of a slippery and fast slope into all things Jael and her production schedule.


A sizzle reel is in the works for marketing promotions coming up for Jael.


The Facebook page is updated daily – to  walk the walk with us step by step, please join us here: http://facebook.com/jaelawesterntale

You can also see more details at the IMDb page for Jael A Western Tale here


American Film Market – Jael A Western Tale is comin’ fer ya!

Jael: A Western Tale

It’s a steampunk inspired western action  film about a young woman with big dreams living in a small desert town. She is surviving the expectations and limitations  of it while having to pay for something she didn’t do till she finds the courage to set things right.
Jael is played by Stephanie Dostal, with her sister Leah played by Jessica Kinni and their mother Naomi played by Stacie Stocker.

stephaniedostal-jael  jessicakinni-leah stacie stocker dram az

Stephanie Dostal                  Jessica Kinni                          Stacie Stocker

It’s been busy around here where all things Jael: A Western Tale are concerned!

We are traveling from our desert home in Arizona to the sandy beaches of Santa Monica for the AFM, or American Film Market.

Nebbie Lyle’s Pub in Tucson Arizona

The script, cast and crew are in place with locations scouted and looking just the part for a steampunk inspired western.

Jael’s humble home and beginnings in Tucson

Now, we are looking for the right production partner and distribution deal to see Jael go around the world!
To learn more about Jael: A Western Tale, please visit our daily updates on our Facebook page here: http://facebook.com/jaelawesterntale

See you at AFM!


Steampunk Western wear not so good for summer

Just a quick note to keep you updated on all things Jael A Western Tale.


We are on a pause for production in June and will resume shortly.

This is a blessing in disguise because the entire state of Arizona is in a severe heat wave!

Steampunk western wear is not so good for summer!

Stay tuned for more details.

The Facebook page is updated daily and can be found here: